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We ask all of our members to buy from the

following Good Samaritan Companies

as they support PRA and our shared passion!

These companies or people either make donations or offer discounts to PRA members.

Let's thank them by buying from and and keep them in business!

PRA member heros who provide free labor:

  1. Rufus Howard and Glenn Bundy installed the water filter system.
  2. Rufus and Caroline Howard painted the stall partitions and doors.
  3. Rufus and Glenn Bundy cleaned all the shower walls and partitions removing all the rust stains.
  4. Glenn Bundy switched out 8 burnt out florescent lights to new LED lights 
  5. Rufus, Dave Hennagir, and Glenn Bundy cleaned the floors with the acidic solution supplied with the paint kit.
  6. Rufus, Dave, Don Searer, Bernie Ernst and Glenn Bundy painted the floors.

1) Allan H. Lurie, Peoria, IL. , USA $500.00 donation in 2016.

2) Allan H. Lurie, Peoria, IL. , USA $26,000.00 for 2 gyroplane kits  engines, and many other things in 2018.


Aircraft Spruce
PRA receives a 10% discount on all of their raffle gift cards
Please support Aircraft Spruce as they support us
and they are also a PRA member

Falcon logo
Falcon Insurance 
Falcon Insurance – 5% off Experimental Gyroplane and Helicopter Policies.
If you need a quote, contact the PRA HERE.


PRA Member Discount:
Purple Polish Discount
15% Discount on orders made directly from vendor.
 Discount is applied when an invoice is emailed to the purchaser
(discount is for product, not shipping)
Retail Prices and Products:
Purple polish $14
deoxidizer $14 
MRon Glass wax $16
Spray shine detailer $11
LVC leather vinyl conditioner is $7

Aviation Batteries
10% Discount for PRA Members
29 lbs 250cca vs 2.5 lbs, 300cca!

Gyro Books Discount
GyroBooks The premiere UK personal rotorcraft bookseller is offering DISCOUNTS for PRA members.
Discount will vary depending on product(s) ordered.
To claim your PRA discount:
Send GyroBooks an e-mail cofirming name, address and current PRA membership number soon after placeing order for the product.

Rotorhead gear
 The Coupon Code for PRA Members on web site is PRA10 and it gives a 10% discount.

ebook discount
E-Book You Can Afford To Be A Pilot
Limited Time Offer. Click HERE to go to website.
compatible with computers, iPads, Kendle and more

 Lodge Discount

PRA Member Discount: Bob Miller Flight Training
Sign-up has closed for the current training session
Stop back for details on future sessions.


Upcoming Offers and Discounts:
Perkins logo
Bear Perkins
lidocain injection lidocain gel 4 lidocain gel

support pra bottom banner
Lithium Battery Ad
15% Discount Purple Polish