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$25.00 win's a VW powered Gyroplane

Drawing 8/3/2018, Mentone In.

NO NEED to be PRESENT to Win


It was built by a machinist in our PRA Chapter here in Indiana the engine is a 2100 cc Volkswagen dual Webber carb’s, electronic ignition, Wundelich prerotator, 50 hrs Total time, 23 ft rotor dyne blades, twin tails, rotor brake, 8 gallon Brock seat tank, new 50/30 Tennessee prop, main wheel hydraulic brakes,  caste ring nose wheel, air frame is all polished aluminum, instruments: airspeed, altimeter, cylinder head temp, oil pressure, and oil temp, compass, rpm, volt gauge, Brock head  and rudder pedals and Brock wheels Gary Goldsberry flew all of the initial testing the owner flew after that till he got sick. It is not centerline thrust but does fly well. It was built in the mid 90s and unregistered with good workmanship.

PRA recommends you put a 'T' tail Horizontal Stabilizer on her unless you have over 100 hours flying time in historical gyroplanes without horizontal stabilizers.





The 2nd place winner may choose one of the following prizes:

  1. $1,000 of flight instruction
  2. $1,000 gift certificate to Aircraft Spruce
  3. $1,000 travel expenses to come to any of PRA's Fly-in's
  4. Boise A20 Bluetooth headset
  5. Garmin 660 touchscreen GPS
  6. IFLY GPS = AN iFLY740
  7. Solo Shot ground based video camera with GPS tracking system
  8. Two GoPro Cameras and attachment accessories
  9. Flycom helmet with noise canceling headset.
  10. MGL V6 panel mount radio

The 3rd place winner receives:

  1. A subscription to PSF magazine, for you or a friend.
  2. A PRA Backpack filled with PRA goodies including, cup, sun glasses, PRA Tea Shirts, Hat and more.

Tickets are a donation of $25.00 each; buy 4 tickets $100.00 and you get 5 chances to win!

PRA members are entitled to a 50% discount so members receive two tickets for each tax deductible ticket donation. Non-members receive 1 ticket.   PayPal

Must be purchased in Indiana either by Mail or Online to Drake Air LLC a friend in In who will buy the tickets for you and email or text you a copy.

Get tickets before our convention:

  1. Online PayPal<< Click for a friend 'Drake Air LLC' to buy and send them to you.
  2. By Mail << Click to Download Form



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