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WIN a New, Rotax 582 aircraft engine

w/E-Gearbox & Side Exhaust $7,6K


NO NEED to be PRESENT on 8/3/2019 at Mentone to Win 

Rotax 582


The 2nd place winner receives:

  1. A subscription to PSF magazine, for you or a friend.
  2. A PRA Backpack filled with PRA goodies including, cup, sun glasses, PRA Tea Shirts, Hat and more.

Tickets are a donation of $30.00 each; buy 4 tickets $120.00 and you get 5 chances to win!

PRA members are entitled to a 50% discount so members receive two tickets for each tax deductible ticket donation. Non-members receive 1 ticket.   PayPal

Must be purchased in Indiana by a friend either by Mail or Online. Drake Air LLC a friend in In buys the tickets in advance and will email or text you a copy of your ticket(s).

Get tickets before our convention:

  1. Online PayPal<< Click to repay a friend 'Drake Air LLC' for buying and emailing tickets to you.
  2. By Mail << Click to Download Form

--- Dominator Details release as soon as we find the main landing Gear for it-- 

Watch for new raffle coming Soon!

  1. Dominator Gyroplane with zero time 582 & enclosed trailer $17K

Our ticket price is set by the IRS RULES to assure our prizes are not taxable. Our winnings are not taxable if our ticket price is $60.00 for Dominator and Trailer, valued at $17,000 of winnings.

The catch 22 is if the value of the prize must be less than (the price of the ticket) times the ticket price + 1 dollar.   

Example $60 x 300 = $18,000 valued prize. Assuring our $17,000 prize is not reportable by us or taxable to you. 

Note: Actual IRS details for those who wish to know:

Excerpt of IRS Instructions that sets the price of our tickets making our prize-winning not reportable by us or taxable to you.  

An exempt organization must collect withholding and report raffle prizes if: 

(b) the payout is at least 300 times the amount of the wager. The organization uses Form W-2G for this report. 


See the Full IRS instructions for 501 corporation reporting taxable winnings:


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