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JOIN - POPULAR ROTORCRAFT ASSOCIATION gain access to all the knowledge including asking PRA experts on our Forum any question you wish to know.

PRA members, our greatest asset, make up the most important community in the world of MODERN and historical homebuilt rotorcraft!

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Welcome to the PRA!

PRA membership is only $42 (US) per year to help us support our mutual passion for rotorcraft!
That's less that one tank of gas to help spread the shear joy of these unique aircraft.

Once your membership is processed you will receive the following benefits and more:

  1. Community; Ask any member the primary benefit is the comradely and new friendships formed with people who have expert knowledge of rotorcraf! It really is the party shared on-line with these new friends and at PRA fly-in's around the country held throughout the year for over 50 years now.
  2. As a valued PRA member you will be entitled to vote in PRA leadership elections and attend our membership meetings at the convention and other events. 
  3. Website: All assess right to over 50 years of libraries with over 10,000 documents full of knowledge offering unique content with 50+ years of Rotorcraft Magazine back issues and other products available only to PRA Members.
  4. Forums, Blogs, and Articles: You may join the party on our forum site with full posting rights allowing you to participle in help, support, advice, and fun.
  5. Discounts only to PRA members: Manufactures, Instructors, PRA Event Vendors, stores, and services providers only offer discounts to PRA members. These discounts will be published in the magazine and on our web-site.
  6. If you really wish to help share our passion for rotorcraft then you should consider becoming one of our Officers, Board members, Subcontractors sales persons, Volunteers, or Coordinators as all Members be eligible. It our members shared passion that make the PRA the best organizations it can be! Without you we are nothing! Thank you.
  7. Magazine: The PRA publishes 12 issues of Rotorcraft eZine which only members get for FREE.
  8. PRA Membership Card; with your log-in PRA Account Number. Be sure to keep your card and record your membership number as many new services will be available this year and next that will require this number to access.
  9. PRA decal sticker: Display your PRA sticker and proudly promote our shared passion for rotorcraft!

Become a PRA member and join us in all the knowledge entertainment and fun. It's a party and more fun than should be legal!

There are four methods available to join PRA. Two manual and two online methods available for your convenience.

  • Manual methods:
  1. Speak to a person by Phone (574) 353-7227. fax = (574) 353-7021.
  2. Or by mailing your:
    1. PRA account # (if renewing)
    2. Name
    3. Subscription mailing address
    4. Phone Number
    5. Email Address

            Mail to:    Popular Rotorcraft Association

                            P.O. Box 68

                            Mentone, IN. 46539 USA

  • Online methods:

    Click this button to use your PayPal account to join PRA

             Click this button to use your Credit Card to join PRA

We try to get new memberships processed as soon as possible but sometimes it can take as long as a business day.


Other ways and link to support PRA:

The PRA is a non-profit organisation run largely by volunteers.
We try to get new memberships processed as soon as possible but sometimes it can takes longer.


Questions, comments, or problems with the site?  Contact the

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