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    Presentation List

    OK here is Dr. Charnov's list of power-pointed presentations and one Video presentation that are ready to upload to our forum.
    We will setup a new thread on the History Forum with a poll for which one members would like to see and discuss first!

    Problem is I need to find a way to increase the maximum number of Poll questions/selections from 10 to 14 because Bruce as so many ready to go!

    ---- Program Menu----
    1) "A Brief History of the Evolution of the Concepts and Development of Rotary- Wing Flight from Ancient China Through the Autogiro of Juan de la Cierva"

    2) "From Rolf von Bahr to Jukka Tervamaki: The Scandinavian Influence on European Gyroplane History"

    3) "Gerard Post Herrick - America's Unforgettable "Forgotten" Convertiplane Pioneer"

    4) "Deception, Obscurity and Irony in the Popular Rotorcraft Movement: Why the British Rotorcraft Association Did Not Develop as the Popular Rotorcraft Movement of Igor Bensen"

    5) "James Bond and Wing Commander Kenneth Wallis: "Little Nellie and the Creation of an Iconic Image"

    6) "A Critical Re-Examination of the Franklin Institute Rotating Wing Aircraft Meeting of October 28 - 29, 1938: Facts and Myths Surrounding the Foundations of Autogiro/Convertiplane/Helicopter Development in America and Europe"

    7) "The Last Autogiro: Skyway Engineering AC-35 of 1961 - 1935"

    8) "The Buhl "Pusher" Autogiro of 1931: A Critical Reappraisal"

    9) "From The Cierva C.4 To The Cartercoper: An Analysis Of How The Autogiro Became The Gyroplane"

    10) "Autogiro/Gyroplane History In Magazine Covers - 1925 - 2010"

    11) "The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Autogiro/Gyroplane As Seen in the Popular Media 1925 - 2011"

    12) "The Franklin Institute Rotating Wing Aircraft Meeting of October 28 - 29, 1938: Facts and Myths Of An Historical Gathering"

    13) "Wing Commander Kenneth H. Wallis (April 26, 1916 - September 2, 2013): The Triumphs, Tragedy and Enigma of an Extraordinary Life in Autogyro Aviation"

    VHS presentation:

    14) "The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Autogiro/Gyroplane As Reflected In the Popular Media" (historic Hollywood movie clips)

    To non-members reading this... Support the PRA and see many more members and pubic benefits as all may learn but only the special few may ask!
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