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Thread: The Butterfly Gyro Designer is no longer with us

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    The Butterfly Gyro Designer is no longer with us

    Just in case anyone is not aware, Larry Neal (Designer of the Butterfly Line of Gyros) has died and the fate of his company "The Butterfly LLC." is in question. It is too early to say with any surety what will happen with the assets of the company or if anyone will try to continue on with this line of Gyroplanes, but from my perspective I doubt that the company will continue to exist.

    I am working to put together a list of people that own a Butterfly Gyro so that we can form a support group for one another and hopefully be able to help one another as we work to finish Gyro's we may be working on, or keep our completed machines operational. While I already have a list started, if anyone would like to add their name and contact information here on this forum thread, it can be seen by anyone else that may want to contact other Butterfly owners. I suggest information be listed in the following format:

    Doug Barker
    (801) 628-7598 (cell #)
    Super Sky Cycle (project)

    Or if you are uncomfortable placing your contact information on the forum, you are welcome to contact me directly (at my e-mail above) and I can add you to my list without anyone else being able to see your info. While I was a Dealer for the Butterfly Line of Gyro's it is very doubtful that there will be any more Butterfly Gyro Kits made available, so at this point I am simply a Butterfly Owner, like many of you, and will do what I can to help anyone that needs help.

    Doug Barker

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    Most Excellent news Doug!!

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    Hello Doug,

    I was shocked to hear about Larry. I hope that someone is able to keep the Butterfly company running.

    I appreciate you starting this support group. I would like to contact other Ultralight Butterfly owners/builders.

    Richard Scobey
    626 332 9340 (phone)
    Ultralight Butterfly (project)

    Thank you!

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    I will be very surprised if anyone is able to keep the Butterfly Company alive and running. The company was Larry, and without him there isn't anyone that knows all the things Larry was doing. I haven't heard anything from his family yet, but I suspect that we are all orphans now and only have one another to fall back on. So those that have flying Butterfly Gyros are probably going to be your best resource for any questions you have about your kit.


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    Thanks for starting this group. I purchased a used Monarch Butterfly about a year ago and am getting ready to solo in it next week. This was the machine built by Bob Fischer. One of the top hat bushings in the rotor head is slightly damaged so I am looking for the vendor Larry used to get replacements. Also, I am having difficulty getting the rotor tach to read properly and was wondering if anyone else had this same issues.

    Barton O'Brien
    Monarch Butterfly complete
    Napa, CA

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    I'll ask Christine and she if she knows.
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    Do you happen to have or know of anyone who has any wheel pants, cowling, or windshield for the Monarch Butterfly? Thanks!


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    I am sorry but I have no idea what any of the part numbers are, or where Larry sourced the parts from. I do know someone that has a Butterfly Aurora, that may be willing to part with the wheel pants, but I am not sure if they would fit a Monarch model gyro. I wish I could offer you more information, but the truth is I simply don't know.

    Douglas Barker
    PRA Pres.

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