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Thread: Ooips Forgot we need technical Writers

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    Ooips Forgot we need technical Writers

    You know there is a saying it is better to be lucky that good!

    We have or first vetted volunteer as head of the technical writing group!

    Roger Digel-Barrett

    Now if you have time the rest of this story.

    We are only in the design state and requested expert volunteers thorough the test-pilot stage.

    What about the instructions to operate it and assembly instructions on each part members may choose to build on their own.

    Well I get an email inquiring into the job descriptions of more than one position from Roger Barrett.
    At the end he adds
    I'm a retired technical writer and I help Lisa with the e-magazine for PRA
    All of a sudden it hits me you KNOW you need instructions and the 1st vetted volunteer the group I forgot to mention walks in the door offering to help!

    Wow, I'm too lucky for it to be a confidence?

    Now adding the one group I forgot and the one volunteer ready to help!
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    So John, whatcha got for me to work on? I'm getting a new shoulder joint next week, so I'll be here at home for an extended period. I'm gonna need something to occupy my time, and daytime TV AIN'T it! E-mail me some rough drafts or whatever, so I can work and keep my mind off the painful shoulder. I touch type, but I'm going to get good at typing with one hand: I'll have eight weeks before I get to use both hands.

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    Actually, it didn't take eight weeks. I was back to typing with both hands at four weeks. The surgeon who installed the Titanium shoulder did such good work that the pain was gone by four weeks; although it was sore at night for while. John, I have some suggestions for the manufacturers' beta page; do I need to contact the manufacturers directly, or could I send YOU my suggestions for each m..., and you forward them?

    With heat that's forecast next week, I'll be at Mentone for only a day. I hope to get the biennial in, and buy a few intro lessons. Should I check in with anyone in particular?

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    Hi Rodger

    I'm glad to hear you are back on the mind.
    We could use your help. There is a new web-site that need to be audited.
    Also could use your help with the manufactures if you will.
    Can you call me after 6PM most any night and let talk about your ideas before I finished the Manufactures suite of software pages allowing them to update their own information on our site.
    Then you would need to learn the manufactures software tools and call them with me helping them learn to use the tools and or setting them up for them.

    I missed you at Mentone... Bummer!
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