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Thread: Need to Change the Title of this Forum

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    Need to Change the Title of this Forum

    The "C" in CFI does not stand for Certified, it's Certificated. There is no such thing as a Certified Flight Instructor. A common mistake, but a mistake none the less. Reminds me of when someone refers to a Pilot Certificate as a Pilot License. Once again, no such thing as a Pilot License.

    Congrats on getting the new site up and running.

    Dave DeWinter
    CFI since 1978

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    Thank you David so much you Rock!!!

    Corrected it!
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    Yeah, Dave, but some of us struggle with multiple syllable words; the fewer the better! Cert-i-fied has 3 where cert-I-fi-ca-ted has 5. I think!

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    Certificated is just government hot-air-speak for certified; ditto for certificate vs. license. Jimmy Carter wanted to simplify governmental language, but the bureaucrats who could hide their ineptitude with BS defeated him.

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