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Thread: PRA has a new tool available to All Chapters for Flight Testing and creating the POH

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    PRA has a new tool available to All Chapters for Flight Testing and creating the POH

    Once you have completed your aircraft, the FAA will give you a restricted area to fly in during the first 40 hours. This is called "Phase One Test Flight" and must be accomplished with only one person on board and must be during daylight and under VFR conditions only. The FAA usually gives you a 25 nautical mile radius around your airport within which you must stay until completing of phase one flight testing. You may ask for other airports and locations.

    PRA has a new tool available to all PRA chapters that should make creating your (POH) Pilot Operating Handbook.

    This is the black box project. It is a Data Flight Recorder. It has a GPS, G meter, Airspeed indicator, Barometric Altimeter... everything you need to record the actual test flight.

    This removes the human errors of observation and recording the same data.

    It also will print graphs of the flight you just made. It's no tested yet but the advertizing would indicate that we can use these charts in our new POH's.

    It also let you save the data in Google Earth format so you can share the experience of your flight with friends on Google Earth!

    Once tested it will be available to any PRA Chapter that asks.
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