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    Hello Bob,
    Trying to follow your instructions to post here. Yes, I can do the Electrical stuff, also can double or help with the Tech writing with my background of approving manuals and assistance in writing them.


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    Your fine Alan. Your help is,greatly appreciated.

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    This is fantastic news Alan! If members like you keep steeping up this is going to succeeds.
    If I understand you correctly then I'll add you to the projects private forums!

    After I set you up you will see the projects show up and can post.

    Please go to the Electronics and Tech Writing private forums and introduce yourself there!

    Will be starting with the volunteers we have now defining the project features and goal.
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    Hey, if you have some text for me to edit, rewrite, or organize, send it on. Please use e-mail to

    Digbar; also known as Roger Digel-Barrett, PRA house tech writer.

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