Dick Wunderlich used to recommend "Chain oil" for lubricating the prerotator flex shaft core every year. I believe this new product (below) may actually work better.

My Bendix manufacturer now recommends LPS Magnum lube with Teflon. It looks like this is an ideal lube for most applications. Oil based lubes collect dust and cause wear and sticking.

CalumetAir Inc. now stocks this product.

Product Description
Premium Lubricant w/PTFE, Size 11 oz., Container Type Aerosol Can, Base Liquid, Color Brown, Flash Point 175 Degrees F, Dielectric Strength Not Specified, VOC Content 2.9 Percent, 0.2 lb./gal., 25g/L, Specific Gravity 0.85 to 0.87, Metal Detectable No, Application Bearings, Valves, Cables, Linkages, Dies, Bits, Fasteners, Engines, Electric Motors, Metal Parts, Parts in Storage, Pulleys, Rollers, Slides, Tracks,

Discount price; $17.95 per can. (plus shipping)