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Thread: Forum log in problem BUG!

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    Forum log in problem BUG!

    Good morning PRA brothers and sisters

    Because we all have to log into the forum by 1st logging into as PRA members. It's has been difficult for even me to log in here only once.

    Seems that once I logged in and it took me to the PRA members only pages on site and I too clicked the Forum TAB or menu after that I wasn't logged in if I LOOKED!

    I did not look for a long time.

    OK I can fix this!!! I hope?

    I've re-written the Members Only Page to include the button to go to the forum directly from their you NO LONGER have to do anything but....

    1) Log into site as a member. Let it direct you to the MEMBERS ONLY PAGE. = Exactly as before (you have to do nothing different so far)
    2) Click the GREEN BUTTON at the top of this page and it will now always automatically log you in the forum. (Your done)

    Do not click the Forum Menu or TAB that is only for NON-PRA member wishing to READ the forum to learn as guests in our classrooms here. We are more of a private school where we share what we know than a open forum.

    There are many forums where anyone can be an EXPERT and I use all of them for there purpose and I understand I have to know who is providing the advice by reading it for a few years to know who is who in the ZOO!
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