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Thread: PRA should explore getting one of these for our members?

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    PRA should explore getting one of these for our members?

    This is the future and I've met an school teacher who I let have my seat on the airline as I coming home from Mentone last year.
    He had to be back to school the next day from GERMANY so I let him have my seat.

    Anyway funny how things work out he told me of a program where one of the best and largest 3-D printer manufactures gave schools and other ORGANIZATIONS FREE 3-D printers. He was coming home from Germany so I suspect the company is German?

    The only catch the school had to paid for one or more teachers to come and put the machine together on their labor as well as pay their own Hotel and food costs etc while you got instruction and training.

    Saw this video and got me thinking could PRA do the same thing as these schools. I wish I had remembered the co name. I had no idea they were so far advanced.

    It will not hurt to try and find this GERMAN company and I'll at least shamelessly ask them? The video is not the company that makes 3-D printer the video is just a user.

    Anyone wish to volunteer
    to search the internet and see if you can discover more about this company and program!!

    I do not ignore coincidences like this EVER as in my personal life this is how God has always set my life up to be able an retire at 39... so all I have to do is show up and try.
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