This motor spins up to 7200 RPM so it will be geared low with 7HP to only reach 350 RRPM! = 20 to1 x 7HP?

It looks like a winner on paper with math only!

We cannot wait to see what it really will do and how close it matches the math..

So far this is much easier than I expected with the modern motors so many candidates today compared to when I first looked 4 years ago.
One piece price $149.75!!!

PRA will buy in volume with typical.electronic discounts of 20% to 80% depending on the quantity purchased! I don't believe state-of-the-art motors will have 80% discounts no matter how many we buy. But we will do this for all the parts and pass the saving on to our PRA brothers and sisters!

We may make our fairly inexpensive goal on cost or reduce it. Depends on the cost of the two controller we found. The manufacture does not sell one for the motor we found and is one reason I believe it is so cheap right now compared to the other candidates.

Or they lie in there stat's!!

Also do any of you gurus know of an existing 20 to 1 gearbox for any light weight off the shelf solution. Else we have to make them?