I was asked about the total weight?

No we have to build the motor attach bracket and the steel gears, housing, and Bendix and weigh those... and two controller to really anwser your question! It could be as little as 10lbs up high on the mast but control we could put down low anywhere to try and offset the weight and balance?

We only need 3 min's of power we will be using super-capacitors with no battery then. They weight NOTHING = really feather light!! And can be recharged with even the Rotax low amp charger in less that a few minuets!

Friend is using them in an electric car and he paid for only one pack still cheap enough for him

PRA can buy in volume say one thousand and make it so much cheaper for all of us!

May be a total of 15 lbs or a little more. But that is a SWAG!!! (Silly wild A$$ guest)

We will keep posting the weight as it grows...