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Thread: It's 2015 - What are your rotorcraft related goals for this new year?

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    Smile It's 2015 - What are your rotorcraft related goals for this new year?

    Well, it's officially 2011 now. I know 2010 was a great year for me. I attended several great Rotorcraft Events, Made a lot of new friends, and even did my first solo flight (OK - crow hop) but it was certainly an eventful and memorable year for me. And I plan on having an even greater year this year.

    Has anyone set some Rotorcraft related goals for 2011, that they would be willing to share with everyone. There's nothing like telling others what you plan to do to help solidify your goals. Be brave! Who will be first?

    Gyro Doug

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    Get my ferry tank installed and take a long cross country!

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    I'am going to try and get my sport pilot license.

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    PRA Vice President Tim O`Connor 38872's Avatar
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    I am installing a ferry tank also.

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    Here it is another year to start in a few months. Unfortunately 2012 will be the year I sell my Sport Copter Vortex - no trainer available and I'm unwilling to fly without proper training. I will be buying a motorcycle - not as much fun, but better than watching my gyro rot away in the shop. If there were more CFI's on board, the sport would be doing better.

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    I am looking for training before buying a gyro, it looks tough to find any in so cal.

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    Well it's now more than 3 years later, and it looks like we are finally going to get this forum operational. Yeah!!!

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    PRA Borther Tom Milton 13418's Avatar
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    John's wish was to get the forum up and running. Congratulations John!

    In 2015, I'll try to get my Barnett J4B2 project complete and finish the chapter 18 two Place trainer (Orange)

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    PRA Secretary JOHN ROUNTREE 41449's Avatar
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    How very cool Tom! I and many other would love a build thread.

    In fact we could have much less interrupted build threads here another major advantage!

    I'll post my paint and assembly of Aviomania's G1sa Genesis could you post yours?

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    I would like to have my Sport Pilot ticket done in 2015

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