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Thread: Identify that gyro?

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    Identify that gyro?

    Can someone identify this gyro model? Need info so I can begin restoring it. I know that I have seen this type while researching but cant seem to find it know. Not sure of age. Purchased from an individual who knew nothing about gyros. He bought it as a lark and quickly drove it into a ditch bending a rotor and breaking the landing gear so I need a source for info and need to get with folks who know what they are doing. PLEASE HELP
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    Looks like an Aggressor or Falcon, judging from the shape of the cluster plate (that the tail tube is attached to) and the nose gear. But the main gear is not what those machines had, I think. I haven't found any recent info on the builders of either machine. Drop Keel clones are very common, built by experimenters. That's what I know. Looks like a good solid clt design, though, definitely worth rebuilding. Looks like a Ken Brock stick and instrument pod. A very robust adjustable trim device.

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    Thank you. I will look into it. The landing gear is just to hold it up at the moment as it has been heavily damaged. The rest will be inspected and repaired as needed. Lots to do and little knowledge to do it with.ha ha. Looking for a group to get with so I can pick a few brains. Any takers?

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    Looks like a Volkswagon engine. I'd find more horsepower unless you weight 140lbs or less.

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    Subaru engine. Has had some work done to it. The original owner weighed @ 250.

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