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Thread: FREE Video equipment available to all PRA Chapters and or members for fly-in videos

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    FREE Video equipment available to all PRA Chapters and or members for fly-in videos

    PRA is please to announce another member/chapter benefit because a member has volunteered his video equipment for use at ALL FLY-in's

    The system includes:

    1) Go Pro Max - Black
    2) Sony HandyCam HDR-CX405
    3) Soloshot land BASE GPS tracking system, with auto tracking and zoom in video camera control, and one had TAG arm ban unit. see this link:
    4) One Tripod
    5) Black Box - that records the flight data and save a data file that can create a GoogleEarth view of the entire flight. They can fly along in GoogleEarth, it's like flying in virtual space.

    This is everything you need to make professional videos.

    The owner/loaner only asked that one members takes responsibility for them and pay the shipping from the time received to the time shipped back. Dents and scratches are fine as long as they still work. Or we will look into getting insurance for them as you wish.
    just post a request here or email us.

    And PRA would like a copy of the video for it video library.
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