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Thread: Rotax 582 Blue head

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    Rotax 582 Blue head

    My Rotax 582 blue head is not starting after warm up. In fact trying to start it cold takes a while for both cylinders to fire smoothly.
    The forward float bowl is half full and the aft one is full. All the floats are in great condition. No signs of debris in either carb. I have not changed any settings or parts. Only 40 hours on the engine. The forward spark plugs are dry and the aft ones are wet when I pull them.
    I'm going to take them apart and reassemble to see what happens.
    Any suggestions are welcome, also I'm going to post on the Rotax owners forum.

    K. O

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    Are the float levels set the same? I have never been around gyrocopter motors, but with a motorcycle I would be looking for a plugged passage on the dry cylinder, probably either in the idle circuit or where the needle jet mixes air with the fuel. ( I don't even know if a rotax has a needle jet)

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