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Thread: My September Goal!

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    My September Goal!

    Hello everyone, my name is Kelley Page. I just got off the phone with John Roundtree and my excitement level just doubled! I've been thinking about buying, building, flying, (just know I want one!), a gyrocopter for about the last year now. My gal gave me an RC drone for Christmas two years ago, and in watching videos on YouTube about different drones, I came across a gyrocopter. And like I do with everything I get excited about, I started talking about them and telling everybody that I am definitely getting one of these things. One thing I'm really really good at is talking. So I had been watching videos, reading everything I could, and just doing general research trying to figure out where to start. I joined the PRA about a week ago and today called the phone number on the home page. I got a nice lady from an answering service that asked me if I could hold, which I did, and then she transferred me to John. I was at the point where I just wanted to talk to someone already involved and hopefully be able to tell me where the closest person/place was to me that I could actually be able to go and look at one in person, get more general info, and get started with any necessary training. I don't know if John is the one to talk to all new people who call, but if not he should be. Very cool to talk with, answering all the questions I could think of, and even helping me step by step on the computer at one point. Thanks again John! Turns out there is an instructor about two hours from me, and I'll be giving him a call yet today. (I promise none of my following posts will be this long!) So the last question I had for John was if it is realistic whether or not I could be trained and flying by September of this year. My girlfriend Angela and I are getting married this September after 18 years. We've reserved the location out in the country where the ceremony will be, and my goal is to wait until people are uncomfortably starting to whisper back and forth, "Hey, where's Kelley", that I can make my entrance from above, tux and all, flying a gyro!

    Anyway, like many of you, I've always had fun hobbies. My Dad put me on my first motorcycle at age 4, water skiing by 6, always rode snowmobiles, and have been in small airplanes since I can remember. I've scuba dived twice, bungee jumped once, and went ski diving twice. Raced flat track motorcycles through my 20's and 30's and really enjoyed that. I'll be 50 this year and have definitely slowed down somewhat. I still ride a motorcycle and have a snowmobile for the winter and love to play my drums. Needless to say, I'm super excited to be a part of this new community and look forward to meeting people. Plan on coming to the fly-in in Mentone, Indiana in July. I better wrap this up or I won't be getting married, seems like I'm always late for something and it usually involves her. (I'm still gonna learn how to fly a gyro though!)

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    Hi Kelley

    I enjoyed talking to you and really enjoyed your wedding entrance!! Few will ever top it. Waiting until you are just a minute or two LATE is going to have your bride to be and anyone not in on it nervous your not showing.

    If I get married again I'm going to do the same thing what a great idea!!!
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