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Thread: Deduct the fuel costs to come to PRA's Fly-in Convention 7/19-23/2016

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    Deduct the fuel costs to come to PRA's Fly-in Convention 7/19-23/2016

    The new PRA is all about member benefits, discounts, deductions on all things we buy and use in common.

    Our new 501(c)3 organization allows you a tax deduction
    • Deduct the fuel costs to come to PRA's Fly-in Convention 7/19-23/2016. Reservations
    • Cash, Aircraft, motor-homes running or not, trailers, avionics, cars, boats, houses for example.

    The motor-homes do not have to be running as we are going to park them on our campsite so our members and general public driving cars can have a room in the form of a motor-home.

    The newest is that all the volunteers may now deduct the cost of driving or flying to our convention.

    You may deduct things like tolls, parking, tools, and uniforms/PRA staff shirts etc. Similar to a job except only you may not deduct the cost of baby sitting is about the only different.

    Soon we will be asking for volunteers to man the gate, judge the aircraft, empty the trash, judge the events, run the flight line.

    If you volunteer you may deduct .14 cents a mile whether you drive or fly or the actual cost of the fuel whichever is the highest deduction.

    If you already donated your services you may deduct that portion of mileage you traveled on or after 9/15/2015 as that is the effective date of PRA 501 (c) 3.

    This one could save you significant amount of money if you travel from the coasts or overseas to volunteer to help PRA.

    I'll be posting the IRS 526 Publication that explains everything you need to know on PRA Forum or you may email or call me.
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