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Thread: Pre-rotator using 12 volt Car Starter with slow start using 24 volts for high speed

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    Pre-rotator using 12 volt Car Starter with slow start using 24 volts for high speed

    We are still working on the bushless motor solution but as asked to post a drawing of my other idea using a Car starter motor.

    Basically it has a Pre-rotator off/on switch with a 3 position speed selector switch.
    Procedures for use:
    1) Turn the 3 position switch to #1 = slow start.
    2) Turn on the pre-rotator toggle switch and wait for it to hit max slow start speed.
    3) Turn the 3 position switch to #2 = 12 volt mid speed and wait for it to hit max speed.
    4) Turn the 3 position switch to #3 = 24 volts high speed and wait for it to hit max speed.

    5) Turn off the toggle off/on switch when it hit max high speed.

    If it were me I would mount the starter motor near the CG and use a shaft or Tommy's flex cable to drive it from there.

    Also you could add a 6 volt battery instead of 12 volt and make it 18 volt.

    The only downside I just realized with this schematic you cannot charge the 2nd battery while flying. But you would only have to isolate the two batteries from the pre-rotator circuit with one more solenoid to make that happen.

    I have not done it yet! But now that this PM reminded me of it I will ask Bruce if he would like to try it on his little wing.

    I know you can run 24 volts at least through a Mercedes Benz 300D starter for years without burning it up and that is where this theory was born.

    Here is how I know: (This is copied from the PM of a post I posted on another thread years ago)

    Years ago we had an airport courtesy car.

    It was a Mercedes Benz 300D (IIRC) but had over 750,000 miles on it when we started using it as a courtesy car.

    Shortly after placing it in service it started having problem starting when cold having such low compression and being a diesel.

    My brothers solution was install a second battery in series and running 24 volts through a 12 volt starter.

    This turned her over TWICE as fast and she always started right away from then on.
    To our surprise, we got another 50,000++ miles out her and the engine blew up before the original starter motor burnt out = several years latter.

    Based on my experience with my brother's solution for the airport courtesy car this should work for years.
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