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Thread: 2.3 isuzu engine

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    2.3 isuzu engine

    can i use a isuzu 2.3 engine on a gyro hornet? . or do you have to use certian engine for aircraft im tring to use what i got

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    As a home built aircraft the builder may use the engine of there choice, but it always advisable to use an engine that has a tract record on the aircraft being built.

    Considerations would be that this engine will almost use all of the 254 pounds allowed for ultralight or lighter. Add the complexity of the cooling system and extra fuel required for the extra horsepower, would require a beefier frame and larger rotor almost guarantees a one off design.

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    do they make a gear box for a 2.3 isuzu engine or are they universal

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    oh yea what did you mean by "a one off design"

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    The Hornet is designed as an ultralight gyro plane using engines such as the Rotax 503 or possibly the MZ-202.

    When you use a much larger engine in horsepower or weight the frame will possibly need to be changed. Possible consideration would be larger gussets or frame members.

    Anther concern would be designing an engine mount for the motor and how to attach the mount to frame.

    Just some of the considerations that may change a popular design into one off.

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    your opinion would be greaty appreciated im going to build the hornet with a 582rotax and a 26' rotor which im crafting the rotor blades i weight 295
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    im going to build the hornet with a 582 rotax and a 26' rotor which im crafting the rotor blades i weight 295 would this be suffient

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    The answer to your question can be found in this article.

    Remember I am an A&P, not an engineer.

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