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Thread: Advice on flying Monarch Butterfly 582 for first time

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    Question Advice on flying Monarch Butterfly 582 for first time

    I have purchased a used Monarch Butterfly with one hour of flight time (flight testing). I have been training for about 15 months in a 2 place Magni with my instructor. The Magni has a pre-rotator driven by the engine so it spins up to about 220 RPM before we start the take off roll. The blade speed in flight is approximately 320 RPM.

    The Monarch has an electric pre-rotator that seems to get up to a maximum speed of 70 RPM with a new battery. I did a taxi with the blades spun up but didn't start going fast enough to have the blades spin up to take off power. I was worried that the blades would start flapping.

    So for the experienced Monarch pilots out there:

    1) is the 70 RPM the max pre-rotator RPM?
    2) What is the RPM that the blades reach for take off? (I have the Dragonwing blades).
    3) What advice to you have for me for my upcoming solo flight in the Monarch?
    4) Should I advance the throttle all the way when starting my takeoff or advance it more slowly to ensure the rotor blades come up to speed?

    Any advice offered is welcome.

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    Barton, I'm sorry but, this kind of questions tells me you need some instruction so you don't get hurt.
    Brent Drake

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    Thank you for your response. I have almost 20 hours in a Magni 2 place gyro - what I am looking for is advice on the specific flight characteristics of a 582 Monarch Butterfly from an experienced pilot.

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