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Thread: Windryder Gyro

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    Windryder Gyro

    I am looking for a set of plans, assembly instructions, and a parts list for a Windryder Gyro. If anyone has anything on it I would greatly appreciate a response.

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    I've been asking around and this is what I've been told by the experts.
    "John: It's a cute machine, forerunner to the current batch of Euro-gyros.

    Anyone getting involved with it should we warned, however, about this gyro's apparent slip-roll coupling. This (and other enclosed gyros with lots of fuselage area below their CGs) tend to do uncommanded rolls when slipped with power. This is likely what killed experienced gyro pilot Harry Cordon in a Windryder.

    There are various ways to fix this defect, but I don't of anyone who has done such a "fix" on a Windryder.

    Can Jim McCutchen help with plans?"

    I know Jim so I've sent him an email for you... We'll see.
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    I saw a post that was from 2/14/2015 from KJM located in Bridgetown Western Australia stating that he had a set of plans and a parts list for a Windryder gyro. Would anyone know how to contact him or if he is still a member on here? It was #16 @ 1:34 AM on 2/14/2015. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have a Windryder gyro for sale, please see the "For Sale" section.

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