Well if you would like to expose more of the general public to gyropalne and personal helicopters here is your chance to
PRA has been requested to find private and manufactures of gyroplanes and personal helicopters to attend and be in a air show if even just flying in a group in the pattern or they would be glad to connect with someone who could provide a gyrocopter demo, or perhaps organize a group of gyrocopters to appear at our show.

It's billed as the largest Fly-in in the northeastern USA with over 15,000 spectators, displays, 750+ airplanes and cars, and have over 150 businesses as sponsors, advertisers, or exhibitors.

Where: Simsbury Airport (AB9),
94 Wolcott Rd., Simsbury, CT 06070

When: is 9/17/2017 unless that date is for-cased for rain then the date will be 9/24/2017.

You can see their 2016 show at www.simsburyflyin.com .

They do not sell auto gas on the field, but there are gas stations within a 5 minute drive of the airport and they will provide transpiration. Note than in Connecticut, all autogas includes 10% ethanol.

There would be no fee for your folks to attend, since they would be an "attraction" at the show. Actually, we don't charge spectators a fee to enter, but do ask them for a donation to support our airport.

More specifics of what they are thinking and you may add to this list:
There are a number of ways we could introduce gyrocopters to our show. These run the gamut from a scheduled demonstration flight, with appropriate PA narrative, to simply bringing one or more aircraft for static display. I'm sure your experience will help us generate appropriate ideas for how to make this of benefit both to your people and to our event.

Let me also note that we run a series of free seminars on topics of interest. Perhaps someone from your organization would like to make a presentation about gyrocopters?

Contact PraGlobalSupportTeam@gmail.com
  1. With the following information
  2. Name
  3. Email Address
  4. What aircraft or presentation you will provide. (Manufactures most welcome)
  5. What flying you would feel comfortable doing if any.