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Thread: Bensen Wood Rotors - How Heavy?

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    Bensen Wood Rotors - How Heavy?

    Hi Folks:

    I am perusing old blueprints of a B8 and I used to have blueprints of the round tube version B7. And I found specs for a B19/20.

    Each had wood blades with a steel strap.

    There is one set that had solid Fir blades with non-tapered steel spar and fiberglass covering.
    Another set had built up blades with a tapered steel spar (in the horizontal plane), a birch plywood "spar" over that and plywood covering.

    The B19 had a unique rotor hub made of steel and used AMC automobile front end wheel bearings. What was the thinking behind the steel truss airframe? Anyone know this bit of info? IT seems to be a bit more complex than necessary.

    I cannot find any information on how the Bensen Aluminum blades were made. Does anyone have a reference to these? I do recall Ken Brock making a set when he was manufacturing the KB-2 and -3.

    What was the weight generally of each set, wood vs aluminum?

    The Sportcopter blade set and hubs or the Vortech Blades and hubs look like they might be lighter than the wood ones, but by how much?

    An ultralight would need the least amount of weight possible. But the Bensen, according to all I have read, came in at 250 pounds empty even with the McCulloch drone engine. So it would qualify as an ultralight even with wood blades.

    Am I wrong?

    Thanks in advance for any information you may want to share.

    Curtis Scholl
    Saline Mi
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    G'Day Curtis and welcome to the forum.

    I'm not a Bensen expert so I cannot anwser your questions directly.

    However if you are logged into then you can click this link and it will take you to the PRA's Plan download webpage.
    It' has many of the Bensen plans available to our members.

    It's might be everything you need. Check it out!

    You need to be logged in to for the link to work.
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