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Thread: U.S. Gyrocopter Incidents, 1996-2016: A Review and Analysis

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    U.S. Gyrocopter Incidents, 1996-2016: A Review and Analysis

    About a year ago, while I was anxiously waiting to get out and solo again, I started to look into the data that I could find on US gyrocopter incidents/accidents. At first, I did internet searches to see what papers/reports might already exist. The few articles that I could find were at least a decade old and lot had changed over that time.

    So, I downloaded a couple hundred NTSB accident reports, as well as got into the FAA's Aircraft and Airmen databases, and started digging. I basically wrote a this paper a year ago, but set it aside as flying season started. I picked this up again last month and added 2016 data to it.

    I have not had any reviews of this piece, so if you find something that I've written that you feel needs to be corrected, please feel free to let me know - I'd appreciate it.

    I tried to attach the report to my post as an attachment, but it's too big (2.2 megabytes), so I've included the DropBox address below.

    There's a chance that I'll try to submit this to a peer-reviewed journal, but I feel that this report can do more good if it's seen by this audience, the people who really fly - and teach others to fly - gyrocopters. But, the bottom line is, I believe, that flying gyrocopters has gotten safer since the LSA rules went into effect.



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    Most Excellent paper Tim!

    I've uploaded too lets see if it's works for me.
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    I'm glad to see that you were able to upload the file, John! My upload limit was less than a megabyte...

    Thank you very much,


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