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Thread: Rotors Over the Rockies 2017 - 10 Anniversary Edition

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    Rotors Over the Rockies 2017 - 10 Anniversary Edition

    I feel like people should be talking about this by now, so here goes.

    The Utah Rotorcraft Association and PRA Chapter 2 Bonneville Gyro Flyers are having their annual rotorcraft event, Rotors Over the Rockies, in a new location this year.
    It will he held on June 6-10, 2017 at the Nephi Municipal Airport (U14) in Nephi, Utah. It will be the 10th anniversary of the event. Chapter leaders and members are hoping for it to be the biggest ROTR yet.
    Nephi Municipal Airport is the new home of Pegasus Aviation Group (, a company run by CFI Michael Burton and business partner Marc Campbell. They have been kind enough to consent to host the event at their hangar on the airport.
    There was much discussed at the one meeting I was able to attend, but I'm not sure what is actually slated to happen there. So I'll let those who know talk about that stuff.
    Chapter 2 now has a Facebook page ( that was put together to provide a place where information about the event could be easily communicated. There isn't much there yet, but I expect there will be soon, as the event won't be very big unless a lot of people are talking about it and planning to attend.
    I'm excited to have it down there, as there are a lot of exciting flying areas down there that I've wanted to check out.
    I'll repost this on the Rotary Wing Forum when it comes back up. Meanwhile, at least the word can start getting out here.

    Glenn Kerr

    As it turns out, the ROTR Event page on Facebook is private
    If you are a Facebook person, you can go to the Chapter 2 Group page ( ) and request to be added to the group. That way you'll be able to see the event page.
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    Yaw Mon, it's a PARTY, it's a PARTY, it's a PARTY.

    PRA 31 has a few people going so does PRA 1.

    I'll do my best to be there!!!
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