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Thread: Bensen Gyrocopter Models - Progression from B-7 to B19/20

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    Bensen Gyrocopter Models - Progression from B-7 to B19/20

    Dr. Charnov and the group:

    If this has been asked before, I beg your indulgence. I will keep searching.

    With regard to the various Models of Bensen GyroCopter, From the B-7 Model to the B-19/20, I would like to know the progression. I had a set of plans for the B-7 that I purchased from Vortech back in the early 90's. Round tube aiframe with plywood and tapered steel strap rotor blades.

    Then came the B-8?

    When did the B19/B20 come into existence?*
    When did Bensen change his mind about a plywood blade with a tapered strap versus a Douglas Fir board shaped for the airfoil with the non-tapered steel strap?

    Any and all clues welcomed.

    Thanks in advance

    Curtis Scholl
    Saline, Michigan

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    Hi Curtis

    I emailed Bruce your request and he got confused and answered my email instead of posting it here. So I will post his reply for him.

    Bensen gyros after the B-8 were largely one-off experiments e.g., the B-9 "little Zipster", the B-10 "Propcopter" and B-12 "Skycopter" (also known as Sky-Way or Sky-mat) -

    Re Zipster, see Parham, Don “Helicopter History – The Bensen “Little Zipster” Homebuilt Rotorcraft. Vol. 21 No. 3 March 2007 pp. 14 – 18; Parham, Don “Bensen B-9 Little Zipster” Homebuilt Rotorcraft. Vol. 6 No. 2 February 1993 pp. 17 - 19

    Re Sky-mat, see Simpson, R. W. (1998). Airlife's Helicopters and Rotorcraft. Ramsbury: Airlife Publishing. p. 210; Bensen, Igor (1992). A Dream of Flight. Aviation Book Co. pp. 109–10

    Re Propcopter, see Hirschberg, Michael J. (2000). The American Helicopter. pp. 30–31

    The B-10-20 gyros existed in plans, but I am unaware of their actual construction.

    I suspect the very best person to ask about Bensen is Paul Bergen Abbott

    Sorry I cannot be more helpful

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    John and Bruce:

    Good Sources....I will follow through.


    Curtis Scholl

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