Long Beach Airport Safety Notice
Notice Number: NOTC7150

This Safety Notice is directed to all users of Long Beach Airport. Airport design, operation types, and number of users make Long Beach Airport uniquely complex and busy. For this reason we have requested that helicopter and fixed wing aircraft remain vigilant for one another and assist in the safe and efficient use of Long Beach Airport. The instructions and information below will help all users become aware and avoid behaviors that put additional risk into the National Air Space System.

Use Caution - remain vigilant for large jet aircraft landing and departing on Runways 30 and 12.

Flight paths of departures and arrivals bisect parallel runways and their associated downwind.
All aircraft on or entering the left downwind for Runway 25L must remain north of Signal Hill unless specifically instructed by Air Traffic Control (ATC) otherwise.
All aircraft on downwind for Runway 25L are not authorized to turn base or begin descent until east of Runway 30 unless specifically instructed to do so by ATC.
All aircraft on downwind for Runway 7L are not authorized to turn base or begin descent until west of Runway 12 unless specifically instructed to do so by ATC.

Use Caution - high density helicopter operations over Long Beach Airport that intersect, parallel and conflict flight paths with runways.

Helicopter pad down-winds fly opposite direction and a few hundred feet north of aircraft on final Runway 25L/7R.
Helicopters commonly cross runways midfield at 500 feet MSL.
Helicopters are commonly held in a left racetrack pattern between parallel runways at 500 feet to provide separation with Runway 30 departures/arrivals.

For depictions of these operations, please see Letter To Airman (LTA) LTA-LGB-2 and LTA-LGB-3 by clicking on the links below.



For additional information, contact Ramin Panahi, Support Specialist Long Beach Air Traffic Control Tower, at 562-424-7128 Ext 223 or e-mail at ramin.panahi@faa.gov.

Thank you.