Donations will be used to support PRA chapters and grow the grass roots with advertising/marketing, CFI training scholarships, and common tools gyrplanes all need. We can make a difference with funding our goal is a CFI and a training gyroplane at every PRA chapter. PRA 31's trainer kit will be delivered next month.

3rd Chance to win $1,000 plus prize and it's a quickie which means the benefit to you is fewer tickets sold so the odds are even better of winning.

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Good luck my friends!!!!

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Our 1st winner selected the Bose A20 headset and bought one ticket.
Our 2nd winner selected the two GoPro camera's with accessories and brought 20 tickets which gave him a 10% chance to win.
Will you be next to win?

We love to give things away, it is so much fun and so is raising money to support our chapters and start new ones.

BTW: Did you hear the rumor? PRA may be giving away a complete single place gyroplane kit in just one of the raffles at PRA Mentone Convention.
There is another rumor that there is going to be a band there Friday, same day as the Banquet Dinner and firework display.

But I never believe rumors, so just ignore them? HahahahahaHehehehe

Besides PRA paying $24.95 of the PSF magazine subscription for our members they also receive a 50% discount in the form of two tickets for the price of one. Buy five tickets $50.00 and we give 5 tickets worth the price of membership without the other discounts and it's tax deductible.

So why not help us share our passion and join PRA today, where you own the join, we just volunteer to work for you and give you what you ask for.

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