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    Beginner info

    Having no experience with gyro craft I have some questions. Reading the FAA's Rotorcraft flying handbook it seems that the v (vx.vy,vne ) speeds are just as important in a gyroplane as a fixed wing (excepting stall spd.) In looking at the info for different types ( kit built and plans) it seems very hard to find out what the important speeds are ( only one web site I have found so far included the data for a specific load) . Also it seems very hard to find a CFI with an aircraft to even get a demo flight. ( I am in so California and would think it should be easy as when I got my private lic.) Before I even think about building or buying I would like to get some time in. Thanks Rick

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    Richard, we need to hook you up with Vance Breese. He is in your state and a true ambassador for gyros. I'm sure he'll be along here any minute.

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    I am happy to answer any of your questions and give you some demo rides. We have the MTO, Cavalon and Calidus. Soon We will have a GBA Sparrow hawk that you can also try. If you have specific questions about these gyros just let me know. You can also call me 801-794.3434

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    Hi Richard.
    Just a heads up Micheal has and runs a 1st class operation, maybe or at least one of the best.
    That is a great offer!
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