Somewhere last year ... someone asked me what would I do if I was in a modern "Euro-type" gyro & I was on a close-course with a large slow moving bird & evasion unlikely option ... impact likely!!! They had been training in CostaRica ... in MTO's & evidently large stupid seabirds are a constant hazard!

Supposedly the approved tactic is to pull-up & belly-hit the bird with the underside of the fuselage ... & be prepared to quickly drop the nose to regain airspeed !

Comments invited .... hoping I never have to try this out! In Kansas ... spring & fall ....considerable flights of Canada geese are a hazard ... flying right @ favored gyro altitudes! On my last fall flight I was watching 2 flying gaggles as I climbed out ... then saw a third was intersecting my pattern-path ... so I turned crosswind midfield & stayed close downwind & landed (T&G) ... next round ... they were gone!