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Thread: This year should be better attended than any convention Fly-in, in years!!

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    This year should be better attended than any convention Fly-in, in years!!

    We have invited 15K households outside of the local area and placing ads in local papers. This is the first time we've been able to afford direct marketing with post cards, so it should be better attended by the general public than ever before.
    Have contacted the Indiana Chamber of Commerce and they are getting back to me on how they will help us, for FREE! This was Tommy's idea.
    We may have funding for radio advertising for at least the week before the event in major cities near Mentone.

    Manufactures and dealers we want you to know that this year may be the highest attended fly-in by the general public we have had in 6 years. Don't miss this test marketing and opportunity this year of all years. We finally have funding to at least try and go BIG!

    ROTR is over and it's time to start the pre-party planing for PRA's national Fly-in so expect many more annoying post from me! It's a Party, it's a party, it's a party and you know how I love flying parties.

    Friday 8/4/2017 will be the most attractions including rotorcraft seminars, flying competitions, judging rides, a band, banquet dinner, and over an hour of Fireworks for the grand finally and this year and from now on we will be streaming the show to the world with our new chapter web cams.

    If you own a gyro come fly in a group with us!
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    John, do you have a PDF flyer to be printed and posted on the bulletin boards for the raffle and the PRA convention.

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