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Thread: Manufactures, Dealers, & CFI's marketing opportunity

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    Manufactures, Dealers, & CFI's marketing opportunity

    I'm not sure that many know that PRA mission includes marketing campaigns for YOU letting members and guest in our 10K+ email lists know about special offers, current inventory, new product lines or in the case of CFI's we are currently marketing for Guido in Costa Rica booking his gyro tours and flight instruction. We also post on several rotorcraft and flying forums as well on several facebook pages all for free.
    And PRA experts can and are willing to help you with your marketing campaigns. You only need to let us know.

    Making is easy for the personal rotorcraft community is what we are all about!

    You only have to let PRA know and provide the Ad copy and photos. If you keep statistics of where they heard about it. We can really maximize your advertising by posting more where you get the most return calls.

    Also you should know that PRA has volunteers who look for ads for any rotorcraft from any source and they send them to me and we re-post them in PRA FOR SALE forum.
    If you are looking for a ride start there. They are usually posted in the same day, until this month the PRA convention is stealing too much time right now.

    If you wish to learn more just email or call the office (574) 353-7227.
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