Good news we just accepted a 2nd donation of a Dominator single place gyro that we also hope to give away in a raffle.

It and a trailer needs to be picked up in STERLING, VA. 20165.
PRA can pay for your meals, hotels, and fuel and you can deduct .14 cents a mile because it's for charity.

Here is the actual acceptance email of the donation so you can see what we need in order to give this gyro away .

---Start Acceptance ----

I like your shameless request. It’s a great idea. There are some logistics problems that would need to be worked out.

The best way to ship the gyro would be in its trailer, of course. That’s true even if you didn’t want to trail it. The trailer is currently about 30 miles from the gyro and I don’t have a vehicle that can bring the trailer to the gyro. The trailer has also been sitting for several years. It’s a simple trailer (no brakes) so it’s probably okay except for the tires going flat…but I have no way of knowing if the lights still work.

So…if you can get someone that can haul a trailer to help me check out the trailer and bring it to the gyro (which I’m storing at home) and help me load it, you can have it as a donation.