I'm a tinker type and been wanting to build a gyro for some time now. Been doing a lot of research and it seems the greatest safety factor (aside from the pilot) is longitudinal stability. Secondarily seems to be rotor impact on the air frame or prop.

Generally I tend to think if nobody's doing it then it's likely not a good idea - pioneers tend to get their wagons burned. But I have to ask the experts. Why doesn't anyone mount the engine in the rear but with the prop in front more towards the horizontal cg?

It seems having the weight (pilot and engine) coupled near the horizontal cg would tend to negate the potential for the weight to counteract PIO. I'm not an engineer but it seems moving the pilot and engine weight outward toward the respective front and rear would increase longitudinal stability as long as the horizontal cg is properly managed. It also seems having the prop positioned mid-craft would lessen it's potential to induce PPO and essentially eliminate prop strikes.

Am I crazy, ignorant or suffering from some other defect?