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Thread: Adding a starter to a Macculloch Drone motor.

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    Adding a starter to a Macculloch Drone motor.

    Does anyone know if this is available anymore? Does someone have the kit or picures of a starter installed on a drone mac? I would compensate someone for their time if needed. I need to put a starter on my Mac due to fact I am to have shoulder sugurey soon and wont be able to prop it for awhile. Any and all help would be appreciated . Adapting a starter to the McCulloch engine
    Hello, I am in need of your wisdom. I am searching for information about starters,mounts,brackets,adapting the prerotator and anything else you are willing to share. I found your link while searching the PRA forums. I would be willing to pay you for your time. If you have pictures that you could send me that would be helpful. I can duplicate any machine parts or fabricate anything needed. I hoping to find someone who has already done the R&D work to educate me. If you can assist me I am grateful and would like to talk to you more. thanks in advance,Brianks in advance Brian
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