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Thread: CFI scholarship program

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    CFI scholarship program

    Hello all
    I was wondering if the CFI scholarship program is still available as mentioned on the PRA website. The information that I saw looked like it might have been a little dated so wasn't sure if the PRA was still doing this also there wasn't much information that I could gather about what the program is and how it works. But I will be starting my training to become a CFI very soon and if the program is still available I was wondering what would be needed to be done to take advantage of it and what all the requirements were. Thank you for your help with this.

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    I don't believe it is. But if you have any questions, I'll try to help.

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    Sport Pilot Gyro CFI

    I am just now taking my PRA ground school however I am interested in becoming a CFI as well. In looking for a sport pilot Gyro rated CFI, I quickly realized there are not that many out there. In fact I am looking at driving 100+ miles and over a 2 hour drive to get to my closest CFI... I think this is a little ridiculous but I’m going to do what I have to do in order to obtain my license. I am also going to look into getting rides up there from my EAA friends in their airplanes which will help out temendously. That being said I would love some more information about what is required to obtain my Sport Pilot Gyro CFI rating. I would really like to work towards this goal along with obtaining my LSRM certificate. I was curious where you are located in Indiana... if I remember correctly you are south of me near Indianapolis correct? I greatly appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you!


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    Hi Nic
    We all agree with you. I had to travel from San Diego to Utah for training.
    If you want a gyro rating you have to be very DETERMINED and go out of your way.

    We need instructors badly!!! Good on YA Nic for getting it done!

    PRA can help. Brent is in In and he can anwser just about any question and once your get your CFI PRA will send you a copy of a LODA you can copy/change to file with the FAA making it very easy.
    Let us know if we can help.
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    Good Morning John,

    I guess that is the sacrifices we have to make for the sport we are passionate about! I really would love to change this aspect of training though and to be honest is one if the main reasons I want to be a CFI. I want to spread and share the joy that the sport brings to my life! I would really like to get the next generation excited about aviation like I was as a child. I want to pass on some of the amazing experiences and opportunities that were given to me as a teenager. I was truly blessed and feel I am responsible for passing that on. I would love for the sport to become as popular and active as it is in Europe...

    I know I may be getting ahead if myself a little bit as I am just now entering the PRA groundschool however I like to set my goals high. I know it will be tough and take a lot of time but once I start something then I am determined to finish it!

    When I was thinking about Brent being down south of me a ways near Terre Haute... I think I was confusing Brent with Gary Goldsberry. I would love to find a CFI closer to me... everyone I have called that I have found online either sold their gyro or no longer instruct. I greatly appreciate you helping out and answering my questions!



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