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Thread: AN bolts, nuts, spacers

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    AN bolts, nuts, spacers


    I'm looking for a source of AN (aircraft grade) metric bolts, nuts and spacers for my gyro. I can find the items that I want on my manufacturer's site (Celier/Argo Aero), but they're marked up about ten fold. I need them for general repairs and my condition inspection(s).

    Thanks in advance,


    Tim Mulholland
    Fitchburg, WI

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    To be more specific, I'm looking for AN/aircraft grade:

    >M8 x 65 socket head bolts;
    >M8 nylock nuts; and,
    >10.3mm (ID), 12mm (OD), 3mm width bushings/spacers.



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    Hi Tim
    I was hoping someone with more experience building would speak up.
    I buy form Aircraft Spruce bolt selector:
    Ive heard of Alibaba but not purchased anything from them =
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    John, et al -

    I don't know what I was doing wrong, but I finally find the bolts and nuts at Fastenal. My first inclination was Aircraft Spruce, too, but they don't really stock much in the way of metric nuts & bolts.

    Still looking for the spacers, though...


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    I believe true AN hardware is not made in metric. The metric equivalent corrodes very easy.

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