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Thread: Lattest News on Dragon Wing rotorblades.

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    Lattest News on Dragon Wing rotorblades.

    I've contacted both Ernie and Luminita.
    They are not currently making Dragon Wings and according to Ernie the owner has a habit of getting excited about new business; buys them and then gets board and sell them for penny's on the dollar.
    The other problems with Luminita and the owner is he's fires employees almost every week hiring them back again if they will come back.
    However the two employees in charge of the Dragon Wings and came to Ernie's to learn how to manufacture them are no longer with the company so unless they hire them back there may be no one who is trained on how to even build them from now on.

    Luminita is getting back to me with more information and maybe press release explaining where they are going from here.
    PRA will continue to ask questions as we receive the email from them and share it with all of you.

    It does not look good as of today for Dragon Wings in our immediate future. But they are saying they will manufacture them but will sell for more is the expectation. How much more they will let PRA know.
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