PRA’s financial problems behind us it’s now time for phase two in supporting our passion which requires many more hands on deck.

A few hours a week can help make a real difference to our rotorcraft community.
Searching for Volunteers in the following areas.

1. Chapter leaders: PRA will help you setup a local chapter and advertise/market for new members for you.

2. Manufacture & Vendor representative: We will be contacting the Manufactures & Vendors about our new membership type and it's benefits. And later this year helping them run their portal where the public can do an easy search of all manufactures rides looking for single or two place, open or closed cockpit, and tandems or side by side and find exactly what they are looking for in seconds.

3. Group Insurance Coordinator: Contacting underwriters.

4. Press Release Manager: Works in conjunction with PRA's business manager and the Manufacture & Vendor representative to batch email press releases.

5. Donation Coordinator: Contacting the ads of the people selling personal rotorcraft and letting them know they can donate it to PRA as well as copy a link to the ad in For Sale section of our forum. Later this year put invite the seller to put it in our new classified ad page.

6. Chapter Newsletter editor: (We would like to collect from as many chapters as we can news letters and publish them each month)

7. Volunteer Coordinator: volunteers when we cannot find a volunteer, normally supplies the tools volunteers need to be successful and follows up & report on progress and needs. As.

8. Web-Programmers: Windows in either C# or basic using MS SQL as the database.

9. Convention Marketing Director. Starting a year in advance Emailing/ phone calls placing ads, group invitations, press releases to media, etc. Working with the Convention chairperson.