As some may know, PRA reached out now to 2 colleges senior engineering departments asking for them to create three open source projects.
Two pre-rotators one using low tech car starter (finished and in testing) with a 2-speed, ball, transmission, and a lightweight state-of-the-art (expensive) prerotator and a G-impact fuel cut-off switch for this year's projects.

But I've already reached out to them for next year projects and added UCLA asking all the colleges to design another PRA open source project for jump take-off systems using a 36 HP electric motor,
Reached out for help from Dick Degraw and he advised you only need 30 HP and a will use an A/W 95 rotor head, and it should work.

These are going to be even more fun projects with Dick's help, so there is hope for those who want or need jump take-off capability. PRA will buy in volume to reduce the cost to all and hold in inventory for our community all of the open source projects.

I've ordered the plans to give to the professor from here.

And this project may move forward this year. Another engineering department head from SDSU just emailed me asking if he could have a project too for THIS YEAR!!
He'll be back from vacation in a week and feels left out of other cool projects. So will offer them the jump takeoff when he sends me the department form.