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Thread: This years PRA's official Educational purposes Open Source Projects lists.

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    This years PRA's official Educational purposes Open Source Projects lists.

    The 1st college has turned in our first pre-rotator project using a ball transmission. = PRA 31 will be testing it.

    This year we have 5 projects with now 3 colleges asking for projects = S.D.S.U., S.D.U, and U.C.L.A. has reached out but they are 1.5 hours from San Diego. They would have to come to us for testing.

    1) State of the art high-speed (at least 220 RRM with 30' blades) lightweight prerotator using a brushless motor, lithium batteries, and controller. With all things lightweight and powerful it will be expensive.
    2) G'force impact fuel-cut-off-switch.
    3) Test-stand to test pre-rotators, drive systems, and different manufacturers rotor-blades with data-logger.
    4) Lightweight stop and drop landing gear with anti-tip-over (self-leveling on impact).
    5) Jump-take-off system to retrofit the fleet. Adapting a helicopter rotor head to be an off-set gimbaled with teeter block gyro rotor-head and add an electric drive system for jump-take-off capability. (without my personal friendship with Gyro Jake this would not be happening)

    Now I have 3 colleges fighting over PRA projects.

    But PRA can only pay for the parts for one project at a time. May ask for donations to run all 5 at all 3 colleges is the only way we could let them all try at the same time and pick the best solution.

    Looking for other gyro safety projects. I'm out except would like to produce a true ultra-light with pre-rotator like the Butterfly but use Chuck Beaty round tube design. It is a statement in the simplest terms and a work of art to me.
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