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Thread: TAG rotors & Australian accidents update

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    TAG rotors & Australian accidents update

    I have attached a file to demonstrate to ALL those interested in ,owning currently OR researching a Titanium Explorer gyroplane or kit from TAG Aviation that the recent savage attacks on my & Neil Sheather's ,TAG Aviation & TAGNA's honesty & reputations by certain parties on Facebook & social media sites totally unfounded & downright libelous!

    The attached PDF file ...outlines the factual timeline starting with the first TAG accident in Australia last October 31st and each ASRA published SD and letters to members!
    Actions taken by the manufacturer and weekly email news updates on the problem of the group of grounded rotors and evolution of the safety-modification!
    also some commentary on statements made by antagonists on social media!
    I have also attached the ASRA file for construction standards for compliant gyroplanes ... so you can read for yourself both the aerospace engineers found challenges in ticking very specific "boxes" to determine compliance - or not ... it is still a very open/loose standard ... to those used to working with the highly specific requirements of certified aviation!
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