I have a Parson's with a Lycoming 0320 engine and would like to install an hydraulic pre-rotator. I dont feel comfortable using the cylinder case through bolts for the pump. The starter and Alternator are mounted. I have seen a shaft run from the front to the rear with a the slip belt type clutch system with the appropriate mounting hardware at the rear.(much like Rotax)This has appeal to me as the weight and the complication of the mounting could be born by the engine mount. My hydraulic pump has an electronic clutch activation which makes the installation much easier. Regardless there are bolts which can be suggested for use and those which would not. Any advice?

Also Its a long long distance between the engine tach drive and the front pilot instrument panel. Can you point me to information on how to either attach an electronic tach sender or how to attach an electronic tach which will read the pulses from both magnetos. Is such a thing ( reading of of both Mags) a issue to worry about.

The mast on this Parson's frame is 9ft. Blade control on the ground is very difficult with flap stops installed. This is an RAF two place rotor head with McCutchen 29' Sky Wheels. At the moment no centrifugal swing away blade stops are installed. Ron Herron's Little Wing and his solution Heavy Rotor Head Flyweight Assembly mounts his underneath which would be accessible from the ground. Again any opinions? Michael Boyette? Ernie?

Bill Crawford
Bryan, Texas