I need some advice about strength/applicability of some of Push-Pull Control Cables for the rotor control in lieu of control rods.

I've been looking at the A-930 and A-1550 cables offered by Aircraft Spruce. I'm unsure of the magnitude of the feedback forces on a freewheeling gyro rotor and I'm assuming the strength of these are capable of handling the required load. The two cables working in unison obviously assist each other in Push and Pull movements, (a closed circuit).

The question arises as to which cable arrangement is best, I'm assuming that bulkhead fitting on both ends (A-1550) would provide better control than a single bulkhead fitting (A-930).

I am a high time helicopter pilot venturing into Gyro-copter construction as a great retirement activity and your technical advise and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

My project is a Dual seat EJ2.5 powered Gyro and I am aiming at top range TOW.

Ken Phillips