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    Cool Just logged in

    Testing one, over

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    The forum was double posting again. But its not every time.

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    Thank you for Reporting this!!! Cannot fix it if I do not know it broken.

    I set the software double bounce they claim that if it now only does it SOMETIMES. It is GoDaddies server not being able to keep up during high traffic time of the day. It does appear true as late at night it hasn't happened. But all software companies scapegoat and may actually believe it's true. only I've found bugs in there software so they were incorrect believing that.

    So I just hacked the config file. Wrote a routine that loops until the server is not busy instead of throwing a double post error!

    This MAY fix it!

    I will not know until high traffic times and we test it again.

    Anyone seeing a double could really help me out and tell me about it so I can try the last trick up my sleeve.
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