HELP requested from members finding the last of the bugs.
Greetings Members, As many of you know John has been building the PRA a new website. This is a slow and challenging project.The site is up and John is still adding material and debugging the site. The site has been opened up to the members. I spoke with John a few days ago on issues I was having with the site. After an interesting conversation with John about the site and a bug I encountered. He asked if I would have time to put together a letter to the members discussing some ideas and challenges we may encounter with the new site. If you are an Apple computer user, YOU WILL ENCOUNTER A ISSUE WITH USING THE SAFARI BROWSER. Apple users should access the site using the Apple version of Chrome or Firefox which will work fine. DO NOT use the Safari browser at this time to access the site! With site-building being a challenge, we are asking for the members' assistance . If you find something on the site that is not working properly, such as an order form or raffle link, etc, or a link confusing to use, please let John know. I spoke with John and he had mentioned a possible seminar during the PRA Mentone Convention regarding bugs, ideas, and suggestions for the website. You may want to watch for a notice on the site regarding this. If you find bugs etc., jot them down, send John an email or bring them to the website seminar. For all you folks that are good with the computers: if a bug is found, send John a screenshot with a brief explanation of the problem. For the rest of us, you can take a picture with your phone of the problem screen and send the pic to John with your explanation. Looking forward to a great PRA year and a fun time for all at the convention. See you there.Thank You in advance Volunteer Ellery Langkamp
6/12/2021 12:00:00 AM
9/12/2021 12:00:00 AM

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